The children and adolescents where ASAS focuses on often come from broken homes. Usually, they grew up with little structure and love coming from the home. ASAS gives children the feeling that they are not alone and make them stronger and more resilient. Schools in the neighborhood and CRAS (a local organization that provides social assistance) know best which children/adolescents need the most help. Therefore, they select the youngsters for ASAS.

What does ASAS offer?
Besides homework guidance, ASAS offers the 80 registered youth a variety of creative and sports activities, such as hockey, capoeira, dance and duathlons. ASAS also focuses on the environment. A coordinator carefully fills in the children and the programs.

A social worker is employed for the supervision of children and to strengthen the bond between children and their parents, and children and school. In addition, there is a psychologist available to support the children who encounter emotional problems. It is not surprising that these children have had traumatic experiences in their young lives.

Due to the wide range of activities, ASAS almost always manages to ensure that these young people finish school, develop social skills, strengthen their family bonds and go live with respect, dignity and perseverance.

ASAS voetafbeelding

As ASAS works with minors, it is important  that they are protected by law. That’s why ASAS is registred with the CMDCA (Conselho Municipal de Direitos de Criancas e Adoloscentes, a cousel for child protection), that the articles are made according to the Brazilian law for Children’s rights and that the Organization is being controlled by the Secretary of Social Work.

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