What a festive and warm, committed evening it was for the guests of the Power2Fly event on November 21 in Rotterdam. The hardhitting film that Hans Heesterbeek made caused many goose bumps and made clear the seriousness of the situation in Brazil. This was emphasized even more during the last images by the subtle tones of Tom Jobim, sung by Marcella Wisbrun. Another area of Brazil, the land of Eric and Melina Botteghin, was highlighted in a Capoeira show by Berimbau de Ouro. There was laughter and much bidding under the dynamic and inspiring leadership of Ruud van Os. What a great result he achieved! In total we have collected 59,000 euros this evening (even more than announced because of extra donations) for the construction of a private shelter for Asas in Florianopolis, Brazil.

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