Eric Botteghin is currently recovering from a severe knee injury. He hopes to join the selection of Feyenoord again after the winter break, but the Brazilian has a totally different goal in his life. The central defender wants to help as many people as possible.

Botteghin is active as an ambassador for the foundation Power2Fly, an organization that works for underprivileged children in Brazil. He thinks it’s more important to help other people: “I think you’re a good person if you help other people. But of course I am also a professional footballer. I also want to get the maximum out of that. “The Brazilian is happy that people in the Netherlands think and help in his homeland.

Power2Fly helps with a project to keep children off the street. The organization tries to do that with sports and English lessons. The goal is that more children finish their school. Botteghin would like to contribute to this: “I have everything here. A beautiful life. I see the situation of these people. If I can do something back, I’ll be happy to do it. “

On Tuesday, November 28, Power2Fly is organizing a Brazilian evening with Botteghin. An auction will raise money for ASAS, a program for eighty underprivileged children aged six to fifteen in Florianopolis. Various speakers will also be interviewed and people will be interviewed.

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