Eric Botteghin focuses on the game with Ajax, the first match after the winter break on January 21st. The Brazilian defender works on his recovery twice a day. Now in the Netherlands, but until recently he rehabilitated in his homeland Brazil.

“If I were here, I would see every player, every day. How they prepare for the Champions League. I had to miss that. Last year we worked hard to get that and now I miss that because I am injured. That hurts.”

Botteghin played his last game two months ago. Not entirely coincidentally, Feyenoord have not played so well since he got injured. But there was good news too. Feyenoord extended its contract until the summer of 2020. Calculated during this difficult period, Botteghin was given extra confidence. “I have a good feeling at this club. Whether I’m going to finish my career here is hard to say. I listen to what God tells me. “

Eric Botteghin is ambassador of the foundation Power2Fly, an organization that works for underprivileged children in Brazil. Botteghin tells more about this on Friday in FC Rijnmond. Next Tuesday the foundation organizes a Brazilian evening to raise money.


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